Student Senate Elections for the 2022-23 Year


On Tuesday, March 29, in Chapel, seven students gave speeches in attempts to convince the student body to vote for them to be a student senate officer. Each speech was two to three minutes, and the student body was able to respond by filling out a ballot at the conclusion of

Chapel. The student senate offices voted on in Chapel were President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The Secretary of Cultural Diversity and various committee leaders were also elected by the existing senate.

This year, there was a lone candidate for Student Body President, Breanne Griffiths. The current Student Body President, Brady Chant, shared that, “as President, I make sure that Senate runs like a well-oiled machine. I have meetings with various people around campus and am the spokesperson of the student body to people such as President McDowell, or the Board of Trustees. I represent the students when it comes to talking about events and what the student body would want in an event. I have a great team to work with that helps me in all of those things… it’s definitely not a one man show.” Breanne shared in Chapel that she cannot wait to step into the role.

Breanne currently serves as Student Body Vice President. According to Breanne, the Vice President “oversees service projects and coordinates Senate Retreat.” Her position “also assists the current President in voting affairs and step into his role if necessary.” This year’s candidates were Janay Settles and Robert Cantu. Cantu has been nominated to the Vice President position for the 2022-2023 school year.

The current Student Body Secretary, Trini Perez, discusses her position saying, “I’m in charge of taking minutes of every meeting and checking attendance of each meeting or event that is required. I also get assigned a committee that I oversee with a committee leader and am there to help with anything they need.” This year’s candidates for Secretary were Bailey Hughes and Starlie Parish. Hughes will be the 2022-2023 Secretary.

The final office voted on this week was Student Body Treasurer. The current Treasurer, Daniel Kay, explained the role. He said, “the Student Body Treasurer is ultimately in charge of keeping an accurate and current report of Senate’s purchases. They assist in developing the yearly budget and make sure that funds are spent properly without going over budget. The Treasurer is also a member of the Executive Council for Student Senate and therefore works alongside the other execs, assists a committee leader for one of the four senate committees, attends weekly executive meetings among other responsibilities. All in all, the Student Body Treasurer, like all members of Student Senate, is a representative of the student body.” This year’s candidates for Treasurer were Maddi Siler and Nick Teague. Siler will step into the roll in the Fall.

There is one final office that is not chosen by the student body. The Secretary of Cultural Diversity is chosen by the President. The current Secretary of Cultural Diversity, Janay Settles, explains the office by saying, “I serve as a representative for others of diversity. I provide the student body with programs and activities to promote cultural awareness and unity such as the Black History Month Celebration this past month.” The next Secretary of Cultural Diversity has not yet been chosen.

Next year’s Student Body Executives are sure to work to make LCU a better place. Do your part to support Student Senate by attending some of the many events they put on throughout next school year.


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