Post-Graduation Plans: In inside look at the future plans of upcoming graduates


LUBBOCK, Texas – With the month of May right around the corner, graduation is on the minds of many students. Lubbock Christian University is an institution that has and will continue to produce many academically well-prepared students. This season of life can be filled with many challenges, including things like job hunting, internships, and grad school applications. With their bright futures ahead, we wondered what this year’s graduates would be up to after graduation.

Caleb Cates, a Communications major, had this to say about his plans post-graduation: “After May 7th, I will be working with the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce for the summer until the fall when I plan on attending an aviation academy. My goal is to become a commercial pilot in the next 5 years.”

Mason Sutton, a Pre-Law Humanities major, plans to attend grad school to obtain a Master’s degree in Public Administration. During his years at LCU, he has had many mentors that have helped guide him during this next step in life. “Professor Byars has been a huge help with giving me guidance on narrowing down what steps I want to take next,” says Sutton.

Savannah Vokes, another Communications Major, said this about what she will be up to after graduation. “I’ll be working at Hillside Christian Church in Amarillo after graduation. I’m really excited about using my degree in the church to further the kingdom”

Heidi Gonzalez, a Pre-Med Biology major, will be attending Texas Tech’s medical school after graduation. When asked about the mentorship she has received during her years at LCU, she said she has “been blessed enough to have many friends and mentors who’ve helped along the way!” She also gives thanks to certain professors who have helped her along this journey. “I would specifically say my mentor Dr. Kirt Martin, Dr. Amanda Ellis, Ingrid Johnson, have all helped and guided me in some way, and so many others I can’t count them all! I’m very grateful for the wonderful support system I have found here at LCU.”

This institution couldn’t be prouder of all the students that will go out and make a difference in the world after the May 7 graduation ceremony.


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