Lubbock Christian University Participates in Campus-Wide Service Project


Lubbock Christian University (LCU) held a campus-wide service event for the second year in a row, this past Thursday, April 7. The event is called LCU for LBK and it provides the students, faculty, and staff with different opportunities to serve and give back to the Lubbock community. The participants go into the community in teams to over 10 different places and complete hands-on tasks that are essential for meeting the needs of people in the area.

LCU for LBK has been turned into an LCU tradition. This was the second year LCU has participated in this event. It is led by Kecia Jackson with the help of the LCU for LBK committee for that year. The 2022 LCU for LBK committee consisted of 18 faculty and staff members and students. The 2022 event consisted of over 200 volunteers throughout the day.

Kecia Jackson shared with us that “Last year was wonderful, but it was also a good learning year”. She said there were difficulties with locations and weather last year but this year was much smoother, “this year continued to build on the momentum from last year.”

We talked to the social club, Christliche Damen’s President, Savannah Vokes, and asked how her experience has been over the past two years with LCU for LBK. She shared with us that she served on campus last year and at Caleb’s Closet this year. She said “it has been really beautiful to see my peers and professors all coming together to serve our community…my favorite part of volunteering was spending time with some of my best friends while we made a real difference.”

LCU for LBK has not only made an impact on the Lubbock community but it has also impacted our faculty, staff, and students that participated. Professor Matt Bumstead was a part of this year’s LCU for LBKcommittee and volunteered at Caleb’s Closet as well. He also shared his experience and said “This years’ experience was beautiful – perfect, really. Serving side-by-side to bless and care for the people across the community, and doing so alongside brothers and sisters from across campus, felt pure and lovely.” He said he “could feel God’s pleasure in seeing His children coming together to love their neighbors.”

Kecia Jackson shares that she is “excited that this is beginning a tradition on our campus and we will continue to look for ways to grow this day of service.”

This event has been very life changing for the people in the community and on campus. Lubbock Christian University plans to continue to participate in LCU for LBK for the years to come.

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