‘Home Run Worship’ A Roaring Success


LUBBOCK, Texas — Earlier this week, the Spiritual Life Committee at Lubbock Christian University (LCU) hosted an event dubbed the ‘Home Run Worship.’ For those unacquainted, Home Run Worship was an event for all students, faculty, and members of the university to gather together in worship of the Lord, but with an interesting spin on our usual worship. Instead of worshipping together in the Moody Auditorium or the CDC, Home Run Worship opted to take the praise outside, as the event was held at Hays Field, LCU’s prestigious baseball park.

As the students gathered around the diamond and in the outfield, they were accompanied by several of LCU’s finest vocalists and musicians. Starting off the event was Sam Henderson, Luke Henderson, Maddie Henderson and Avery Corder leading the worship through seven songs. After the performance by the four students, the spotlight was passed to Ty Drury, Nate Sudderth and Madalyn Franklin. These three led in three additional songs continuing the exceptional musicianship in the worship. Once the worship was over, students were invited to stay and enjoy Frios popsicles provided by Student Senate, and despite the colder weather, they were still a raving success.

Three of the performers were gracious enough to provide additional information about this event.

Ty Drury, a freshman Youth and Family Ministry major, was able to answer a few questions after the conclusion of the worship service. Drury mentioned, “I have led worship before. I lead worship at my church here in Lubbock and have led worship at my home church in Fort Worth for several years, so this was very natural for me.” Furthermore, Drury was asked what his favorite part of the event was: “My favorite part of tonight was getting to gather with people from the LCU community and worship, which we rarely get the chance to do aside from chapel. I enjoyed seeing good friends and some not-so-familiar faces.”

Nate Sudderth, a freshman Biology major, agreed to offer a greater look into what went into making this event a reality. After being asked how their group of performers was able to prepare for this event, Sudderth responded as follows, “The three of us prepared for the event tonight by getting together when we could and playing through our songs a few times.” In addition, Sudderth was also asked if he had ever led worship before, and he stated, “I’ve gotten to lead worship before at my home church for a crowd around the same size, so that definitely helped.”

Finally, Madalyn Franklin, a freshman Ag Business major, offered some additional insight into her role at the event. “Hearing everyone sing along with us, and popsicle dance party in the parking lot after the show,” Franklin remembered.

Home Run Worship was a raving success, and several students attended the event despite the cold weather. Students voiced their enjoyment of the event because of its uniqueness and engaging atmosphere. The student body of LCU is very appreciative of everyone involved in hosting events like the Home Run Worship to praise our Lord in fellowship.


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