Faith, Unity and Service: The LCU Family Unites Around the Allbright Family


(LUBBOCK, Texas) – Nicholas Allbright, a freshman enrolled at Lubbock Christian University, was recently diagnosed with a form of leukemia, referred to as acute lymphoblastic leukemia. This devastating news sent shockwaves across the close-knit campus of LCU, and several groups immediately started to implement ways to support the Allbright family during this tumultuous time. Shortly after Nicholas shared the news of his diagnosis, the social clubs Alpha Chi Delta and Kappa Phi Kappa held a prayer service for Nicholas, as he is a member of Alpha Chi Delta. Following this event, all LCU students were able to join together in prayer for the Allbright family during Kappa Phi Kappa’s ICC Devo held that same week. While these displays of unity and faith throughout our campus were encouraging and inspiring, the LCU family sought to do more to benefit Nicholas and his family.

Luke Anderson, a junior Marketing major and member of Alpha Chi Delta, served as the 2022 Social Club Week Leader for Alpha Chi Delta, and as a result developed a strong bond with Nicholas and other new members of the social club. Due to this connection with Nicholas and his position for leadership in the social club and on our campus, Anderson became the ‘de facto’ leader of Alpha Chi Delta’s fundraisers for the Allbright family. These fundraisers include a GoFundMe and selling custom designed t-shirts, with the profits going directly to the Allbright family.

Anderson was willing to offer some insight into the process of these fundraisers and why it was so important to help Nicholas.

Anderson stated the following: “Alpha Chi Delta was founded on the principles of brotherhood, character and service. These are themes that are displayed and lived by each member daily. One of our newest members of the 2022 class was recently diagnosed with Leukemia. Our hearts broke when we got the news. Not only does Nicholas display the very characteristics we try to live by, but he also displays the qualities of Christ in everything he does. The first thing that came to our minds was, “How can we bless Nicholas and his family?” We wanted to metaphorically pick up Nicholas’ cross and help carry his burdens through this time. Alpha Chi Delta met together that night to pray over Nicholas and has been in prayer ever since. Besides prayer, Alpha Chi wanted to ease this time for the Allbright family financially. We set up a GoFundMe in order for our friends to donate whatever they could, and donations exceeded the goal of one thousand dollars within hours! We also decided to sell t-shirts because we wanted people to be able to publicly show their support for Nicholas. All of the profits are going to the Allbright family as well. At the end of the day no amount of money will heal Nicholas, but it will help his family have one less thing to worry about. Alpha Chi Delta fully supports Nicholas and his family and ask that you join us in helping him as he fights.”

The actions of Alpha Chi Delta resulted in contributions of over 7,100 dollars on the GoFundMe and over 150 t-shirts being sold, which equates to approximately an additional 1,500 dollars for the Allbright family.

Despite their major contributions to the cause, Alpha Chi Delta is not the only group to assist Nicholas in his fight.

Michael Allbright, Nicholas’ father and LCU and Alpha Chi Delta alumni, was generous enough to offer his time to this article, despite everything that is occurring during this difficult time. He was able to offer great insight into just how many members of the community had reached out to support him and his family. He mentioned the contributions of Alpha Chi Delta, but also several other groups and individuals who had made contributions to Nicholas’ fight.

Allbright stated that there have been donations from every corner of Nicholas and the Allbright family’s life, specifically mentioning the actions of South Plains Church of Christ, Terra Vista Middle School, where Nicholas’ mother, Tami Allbright, teaches, and fellow LCU alumnus like Allbright.

One major takeaway from Allbright was the outstanding display of unity from several different groups and individuals. He stated, “It is astounding to see the unity and support that comes from friends, family, our church family, LCU, Alpha Chi and Kappa. Even people I went to school with 30 years ago are reaching out to me because they see the last name Allbright and they go, ‘Oh, this must be Michael’s son,’ and seeing the support from people I have not talked to 30 years and people I was in club with is incredible. I have told Nicholas this, you may not realize it now, but these bonds you make now will last a lifetime, and I think this is a perfect example of that.”

Allbright is very appreciative of the actions of all the individuals, groups, and alumnus who contributed to their family and the continued support of Nicholas.

One of these LCU alumni who played a major role in benefitting the Allbright family was Skyler Richardson, owner of SkyGardens in Ropesville, Texas. Richardson held a fundraiser for Nicholas and Kallie Ketchersid, a young woman from Ropesville who was involved in a horrible car accident.

Richardson graciously accepted The Duster Today’s request for an interview, and she provided insight into her contributions for Nicholas. She stated the following: “My family and I first heard about Nicholas and his situation through his mom. We’ve been going to church with the Allbrights for my entire life. Tami texted my mom with a prayer request when Nicholas first went to the hospital. We love the Allbrights. The entire situation was weighing heavily on my heart, and I wanted to do something, anything I could to help. My goal here at SkyGardens is to share God’s creation with the world, yet all the flowers in the world wouldn’t help these families right now. However, sharing flowers with others in benefit of the two families would bring joy, prayers, and money. This is our first fundraiser, especially of this size, but we are only beginning our second year of business. There are not plans in place right now for any more fundraisers. I’m sure when the time comes again, it will be a God thing where He whispers in my ear. We’ve been blessed with amazing support from every community I’ve been a part of – LCU, South Plains Church of Christ, and Ropesville. The best we can do is pass forward support, love, and resources when we are able, or just when God says it’s time.”

Richardson’s fundraiser has resulted in $1,100 raised for Nicholas and his fight against this terrible disease.

There have been several individuals and groups that stepped up to support the Allbright family during their time of need, ranging from social clubs to LCU alumnus, and they have shown that anyone can help during these difficult situations.

All of us here in the LCU family appreciate the actions done to support Nicholas and his family, and we encourage everyone to continue to pray and support him in any way possible. We continue to pray for healing, support, and encouragement to the Allbright family, and anxiously await the day in which Nicholas returns to our campus.

For any additional information about how you can donate, contact Luke Anderson: (806) 319-0688.

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