Lady Chaps Stretch Home Winning Streak to 100


LUBBOCK, Texas- The Lubbock Christian University Women’s Basketball team won their 100th consecutive game at the Rip Griffin Center on Feb. 3 against Midwestern State. The Lady Chaps not only lengthened their current NCAA Division II record, but exceeded the Division I record for consecutive home wins set by the University of Connecticut of 99.

Head Coach of the Lady Chaps, Steve Gomez, acknowledges the teamwork displayed on the court during the win streak. “Players come to LCU knowing they are not the most important thing,” Gomez said.

Gomez, in his 19th year at the helm for LCU, calls his players “mature and able to keep perspective” on the game as a whole. He believes that if a player is being productive, they should not necessarily feel “selfish” if the team is depending on them. Citing Philippians 2:3-4, Gomez is trying to instill selflessness in his players to keep them working together and thus improving the team.

Coach Gomez is proud of his team’s success and commends the players and coaches who helped contribute to this record by saying, “wins in the past do not guarantee future success.” He appreciates the defensive side of the ball but mentions that, “even if we defend adequately, we still have to make shots.”

Gomez thinks the character of his players sets them apart. He specifically noted, again, the “maturity” of the Lady Chaps and their ability to balance on and off-court activities. Coach Gomez believes his players have a keen sense to keep basketball from becoming too big in their minds. But when basketball is the current task at hand, he is proud of the team he coaches. “In spite of not having big players,” Gomez commends his team on what they have accomplished.

“Hopefully there is a long process ahead,” Coach Gomez mentioned as the NCAA Tournament approaches in a few weeks. Gomez hopes to see continued success over the weeks to come and hopes to add another National Championship title to the Lady Chap program.

Also worth noting from this record-setting game against MSU, Laney Burr set a facility record by going 12-for12 from the free throw line, as well as Allie Shulte finishing the game with 10 points to push her over the 1,500 mark for her LCU career.


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