Let’s Go Social-Clubbing: LCU Social Club Week 2022 Wrap Ups


(LUBBOCK, Texas) – The Spring semester has begun on the campus of Lubbock Christian University, and students are getting readjusted to college life after the much-needed Winter break. Classes, chapel and athletics are all underway once again; however, there was another event that students were able to participate in during the early moments of the new semester.

LCU’s annual Social Club Week was held the first week of the 2022 Spring semester, and was a resounding success, according to several participants. For those who may be unacquainted, social clubs are an age-old tradition on the grounds of LCU, with several of them being a staple on campus since the early days of the institution. Furthermore, students are given an opportunity to join one of these prestigious clubs during the Rush process, which takes place in the midst of the Fall semester, and if students are fortunate enough to receive a bid to one of the clubs, they will participate in Social Club Week during the Spring semester. Social Club Week is essentially a crash-course of information, tradition and rites-of-passages for whichever club students chose to join in the Fall. New members are guided by an older member, dubbed Social Club Week Leader, who leads them throughout the week to ensure they have all the necessary information needed to be proactive members of their respective clubs.

Incidentally, one of the 2022 Social Club Week Leaders was generous enough to provide insight into what it was like to hold such an honorable role.

Sydney Whittle, a senior, biology/pre-PA major and member of Christliche Damen, was the Social Club Week Leader for her club this year, and had this to say about being given the opportunity to lead her club’s newest members, “…My social club week leader (SCWL) had a big impact on me, so after seeing the way she led my class and watching last year’s SCWL from the member side, I just knew I wanted to lead a group of women into this club and make an impact on them in the same way I was impacted; I wanted to be that role model for this new group of girls.”

Like almost everything else since 2020, last year’s Social Club Week was affected by the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic; however, this year’s events were thankfully free of restrictions. Whittle had comments about how this year differed due to the restrictions being lifted, stating the following, “Fortunately, there were no Covid restrictions this year, so that allowed me to plan a “normal” SCW and this new pledge class was able to experience all of Christliche Damen’s traditions just as I did.”

Another Social Club Week Leader was able to give their thoughts about the week. Luke Anderson, a junior, marketing major and member of Alpha Chi Delta, stated the following, “I didn’t want or plan to be the leader of Social Club Week this year. I was in Spain last semester and not really involved in the rush process. I had planned on coming back this semester and not taking a huge leadership role. Due to some unfortunate circumstances, there was a need for that position that opened up about a week before the semester started and I was asked to fill in. I saw an opportunity to influence a bunch of guys that I previously had missed the opportunity to know and wanted to make sure I took advantage.” In addition, when asked what he improve about Social Club Week in the future, Anderson stated, “If I could change anything about SCW, it would be making rush an orientation event, and making the entire fall semester a “new member experience…” Changing the structure into a semester long experience that can shape relational and spiritual development of young adults is the best way to do so.”

On the opposite side, several new members were eager to provide accounts of their experience with Social Club Week. Courtney Harrell, a freshman, sports psychology major and a new member of Zeta Gamma, stated this when asked about her experience of the week, “I really enjoyed how everyone made an effort to really get to know our class. Our Bigs made sure that we were having fun and were super supportive throughout the week.” In addition, Harrell was asked if she would change anything about Social Club Week in the future and her response was as follows, “I wouldn’t change anything about SC Week. I think it all went smooth, and Zeta’s PC ’22 enjoyed the whole process. We’re all very thankful to be in this club.”

Moving on, another new member shared their thoughts about Social Club Week. Madalyn Franklin, a freshman, ag business major and new member of Kappa Phi Kappa, had the following to say, “I enjoyed all of social club week because all the current members were incredibly encouraging and it gave me a time to make stronger relationships with the girls already in Kappa and the incoming members.” Franklin was also asked if there was anything she would change about Social Club Week, and she responded with the following, “I wouldn’t change anything particular, but maybe put an emphasis on the prayer partners. We were told to find a prayer partner, but I think it would benefit everyone to spend time with your prayer partner for a while during one night.”

Lastly, Cache Cole, a freshman, bio-chemistry major and Koinonia new member, was asked what his favorite part of Social Club Week was, and he responded, “Probably the togetherness I got spending time with my class mates, I feel that I got close with the guys I didn’t know and that I got closer with the guys I already knew.” When asked about his favorite memories from Social Club Week, Cole replied, “I liked how we had something to do every night, like one night we had a ‘laugh night,’ where we had to make the older members laugh and so we spent several hours in the computer lab or elsewhere coming up with ideas, and that was super fun. I wish we did more stuff outside of actual social club week activities to get to know your class mates.”

With Social Club Week being a resounding success, new members and their clubs now look forward to Master Follies, LCU’s annual singing and dancing competition, which most clubs have already begun preparations for. Master Follies will take place from Feb. 4th to Feb. 5th, 2022, and tickets can be purchased from LCU’s website. To close, LCU’s 2022 Social Club Week was a successful endeavor that offered new experiences for members of social clubs, both new and old.


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