4 Tips On How To Survive Finals Week


It’s that time of year again at LCU! The Fall 2021 semester is winding down this week as students scramble through their notes and assignments to get ready for final exam. Here are four tips from students and professors that will help you get through this stressful week.

#1 Get rid of distractions

Make sure that in your study spaces, you keep away the things which might easily take your attention away from the information in front of you. One of the biggest distractions we have is the technology that surrounds us.

“My advice for preparing to study for finals is to turn off your phone while studying.” Said Professor Grellhesl. “Students think they spend hours studying when in reality they only spend minutes studying while simultaneously keeping up with social media and everything else they have going on. Turn it off and focus on the material.”

#2 Rest is important!

We’ve all heard the term ‘all-nighter’ when talking about studying or finishing up work. It is a stereotypical rite of passage for most college students, but sometimes it is counterproductive to do this. Rest and sleep are so important.

“Go to bed! Don’t stay up late trying to cram. You’ll do better and feel better if you get some goof sleep.” Said senior, Mason Sutton.

#3 Study breaks are good

Making sure to not overwork your brain can be crucial while preparing for finals. This is what will help not over stimulate your brain and lead to a sense of burnout. Give yourself 17-minute breaks for every 52 minutes of studying you complete.

“Don’t forget to rest your brain during intense study sessions. It makes your studying more productive!” said junior, Carson Holt.

#4 Avoid studying in bed

Dissociating studying from the comfort I find in my bed is crucial to my studying being remotely productive. Our brains associate our beds with sleep, and this might lead to falling asleep rather than retaining any material. Instead, try to study at your desk or the LCU library if looking for somewhere on campus.

Remember, do not overwhelm yourself by drowning in the sea of finals. Make sure to set time aside to be spent solely on studying and you will make it through!


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