New Courses Available for Spring 2022


Every semester students meet with their academic advisor to set up a schedule that will lead them closer to graduation. With recent changes by the academic board, there are new classes that will be offered in the Spring of 2022.

Chief Academic Officer Foy Mills has confirmed that there are several new programs that are being implemented with the new courses. Foy Mills said, “the academic board gathers once a week to discuss combining existing courses to create these new programs.”

The New Courses

The new course names are: Animal Breeding with Dr. Rodney Blackwood, Archeology Israel & Jordan with Dr. Jesse Long, Biblical Archeology with Dr. Jesse Long, Health Systems in Peru with Dr. Andy Laughlin, Marketing for Non-Profit Organizations, Faith in Business with Matt Bumstead, eMarketing & Social Media with Professor Keegan Stewart, Racquetball/Handball with Amy Shero, History of Russia with Dr. Kregg Fehr, Conversations on Racial Justice with Professor Shenai Alonge, Trends & Challenges in Disruptive Tech with Dr. Doug Darby, Advanced Stats & Data Analysis with Dr. Brian Fisher, International Business Management, and Psychology & Social Media with Dr. Shauna Frisbie.

Courses such as Archeology Israel & Jordan, Biblical Archeology, and Health Systems in Peru are off campus and have trip fees in order to participate. Courses such as Faith in Business and Health Systems in Peru both have applications that are required to enroll.

It is important to note that each of these courses can be substituted with advisor approval until academic registration closes during the first week of classes.

For more information about taking one of these courses, meet with your academic advisor or email the registrar at



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