Hands that Serve: CAA Tape Mural 2021


These past few weeks an LCU Art class created multiple pieces of artwork out of blue painters tape. These pieces created a “Tape Mural” for the Fall of 2021 and each of them followed the theme of “Hands that Serve”. The “Tape Mural” tradition has taken place on for a few years now, each year representing a different theme.

Professor Ronelle Howell said the reason for their serving hands theme was chosen to be in correlation with the chapel theme of “How?” and was also chosen to allow the students to be more creative than they have been in past years.

“The subject changes every year,” Howell explained. “One year, it was strictly abstract, only variations of lines, [and]last year the topic was to

use artwork from an old master like Van Gogh and recreate it. We didn’t want them to take an image from someone else, we wanted the students to be creative and come up with everything on their own.

This theme allowed the students to create pieces that connected their ideas to “visible ways they have observed, experienced, or participated in helping communities”. The students chose their pieces to “honor those around them such as teachers, service members, athletes, and most of all God’s creativity, His Word, and His Hand on our daily lives”.

“I tried to find something that could relate to sports because I have a sports mindset,” said student Aamer Muhammad on the question of how he chose his theme.

The students that have participated in this year’s tape mural have really outdone themselves and have put together a great addition to the walls of the CAA.

Blair Bowen and Brennan Riker contributed to this article.




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