LUBBOCK, Texas – Student Athlete of the Month: Caleb Scarborough


Every month LCU chooses a Student-Athlete of the Month, and for the month of September, LCU has chosen Esports athlete Caleb Scarborough. We got the chance to speak with Caleb and his head coach Noah Flint about being student-athlete of the month and what that means to each of them.

How are you feeling about being Student-Athlete of the Month?

Caleb: “It was definitely a surprise. I am extremely happy I was chosen for this.”

What makes you passionate about Esports?

Caleb: “I enjoy winning games and participating with the team. I’m here for the boys.”

Are you looking forward to anything specific in the Esports program?

Caleb: “I am excited for the future of Esports. I am also really looking forward to having new members on the team.”

How are you feeling about Caleb being Student-Athlete of the Month?

Coach Flint: “Honestly, as funny as I found it at first, it is definitely well deserved. His overwhelming positivity and willingness to help others is the reason he deserves this title.”

How has Caleb shown leadership in his participation in Esports?

Coach Flint: “He is always looking for ways for himself and the team to get better. In-game, he tries to lower pressure and bring success in his communication. Out of game, he is critical of our performance so that we can improve to the best of our ability.”

Esports is often forgotten when talking about athletics. Caleb and Coach Flint both were very excited to represent Esports in the athletic community and seemed very proud to be a part of that community on campus. We can not wait to see what the future holds for Esports and how Caleb will continue to be an outstanding member of that community.

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