Surviving Finals: Top 3 Tips and Tricks 


After four years of school at LCU, I’ve had my fair share of final exams. After all those tests, I’ve compiled a few ways that could possibly help you prepare yourself for this round of gut-wrenching exams.  

#1: Don’t forget the materials 

In my experience, most final exams are cumulative, so use your past exams to make quizlets, note cards or even presentations. Now is the time to use whatever technique helps you remember and retain the information presented over the semester 

#2: Use smart study spaces 

In movies we see college students pouring over textbooks and taking notes in rooms full of people. We are meant to assume that this is a library. If you have been to the LCU library, you know it is a great place to socialize but not always the place to be if you are trying to focus. If you enjoy a little bit of noise and social interaction, head to the library and set up camp. If you know that you get distracted easy, stay in your dorm/apartment/home and get to studying. 

#3: Incentivize your breaks 

Studying for hours on end may seem like the way to go, but that will actually lead to more stress and leave you tired for the next day. Every 30-45 minutes, stop and get up to walk around. Get a drink of water and turn you brain off for a few minutes. Do not stay up for hours past a good bedtime, because that can cause you to be tired and unprepared for the next day’s exam.  

 Final exams don’t have to be scary. Take the time to prepare yourself and study in a way that you believe will help you the most. Take time to set a schedule and stick to it. And if like me you get distracted easily, stay out of the library!  

To view the LCU Spring 2021 final exams schedule, follow this link: 



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