LCU Students Choose Varied Paths for Summer Time


As summer starts, LCU’s undergraduates will begin their jobs and internships in a pursuit to stay busy throughout the summer break. Some may go work for churches or camps to satisfy their need for internship hours, while others get summer jobs to make money.

LCU offers plenty of opportunities for students to engage throughout the summer.

LCU summer camps

Some students decide to spend their whole summer at LCU’s Pine Springs Summer Camp, a place where, as camp counselors, they lead songs, hikes and spiritual activities. Nestled in the mountains near Cloudcroft, New Mexico, LCU students can spend their summers guiding kids ages 9-18 for almost 9 weeks in a row.

Matthew Mize, a psychology major from Weatherford, Texas, said the camp is perfect for building health connections.

“Summer camps are a great way to build relationships with kids that will have a long-lasting impact on them,” he said. “It also helps to foster a love for God by showing love to everyone you interact with as a counselor.”

For those who aren’t as tough, there is Encounter and Champion, two week-long summer camps hosted by LCU on campus. These themed weeks, one for middle school age and the other high school age, allows for students to stay on the LCU campus and get a feel for life here in the summer.


Those who are not as inclined to spend only one week with students might take an internship with a church somewhere around the country. At these churches, they stay for the entire break and spend as much time as they can with students of all youth group ages. They do this to help fulfill their need for hours that are required for most Bible degrees offered at LCU.

Noah Horn, a psychology major from Stamford, Texas, said these experiences are uplifting:

“Summer youth internships are some of the most enlightening and fulfilling experiences you can have,” Noah said. “Having the opportunity to pour into teenagers for an entire summer [last year]while working alongside some amazing godly people made for a summer I won’t forget.”

Summer jobs

Some students don’t have the time to spend their summers with students and they have to begin jobs in their career fields or simply work to help pay for their lives.

Some students get a job where their parents or friends work. Many get jobs in Lubbock so that they can pay for rent. After leaving home, many don’t want to go home. They believe they need to start working and get on with their lives.

In the end, it doesn’t matter what you choose to do for the summer. As long as LCU students do something to keep themselves occupied or moving forward during the break, it can be all considered time well-spent.


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