Peer Guides: This Could Be You


Coming to LCU in fall 2021 is a new organization with the intent to help all who enroll for that first freshman semester. Sponsored by school’s Center for Student Success, peer guides will be introduced to help any incoming student with any questions they may have.

A better connection to LCU culture

For many students, coming to LCU can be a culture shock. This school is founded upon conservative Christian principles and affiliated with the Church Of Christ. While this is one of the largest denominations in the Bible belt, many incoming students have no idea corporate worship times will not use musical instruments, that required courses include studying the Bible, and  many other traditional values.

Mallory Hayes, a sophomore secondary education major from Lubbock, Texas, is excite about the new peer guides program. “It seems like a great way to get freshman acquainted with the way we do things,” she said. “They get a chance to ask questions and become aware of how things are done here at LCU.”

Looking for hearts of service

For current students, the peer guide program could be a chance to serve and make new friends. As current students try to expand their horizons and find new ways to become involved at LCU, this opportunity allows them to engage with incoming students and serve our fellow Chaps.

Isaias Miranda, director of the Center for Student Success, described the importance of this program.

“Peer guides will serve incoming first year students by helping them make the transition to LCU. We are looking for [peer guides]who have strong communication skills and have a heart to serve their fellow Chaps.”

Be someone’s vital resource

If you are looking for a way to serve your school and help new students, apply to be a peer guide and do your best to help others succeed.

To learn more or apply, visit this link


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