My Take: The Best Coffee and the Best Shops


Coffee shops are a vital aspect of the college experience. Coffee shops are not always just about a quick caffeine boost — they provide a place to have great conversations, get ahead on schoolwork, or win board games with your friends. Local coffee shops are a way to escape the unexciting Starbucks on campus.  They are also great places to grab a treat, whether you’re a coffee drinker or not.

Finding the perfect place to go can be tricky, but I can proudly claim experience in this area, so here are my top five coffee shops in Lubbock.

#1: Monomyth

Atmosphere: 5/5
Coffee: 4.5/5

You are guaranteed to have a good experience at Monomyth. The friendly staff, bright windows, and great coffee make this shop such a great place to study or meet up with friends. I highly recommend trying the iced vanilla latte while you’re there. 

#2: Tova

Atmosphere: 4.5/5
Coffee: 4/5

Tova is the perfect place to hang out with your favorite people. The staff is very friendly, and the atmosphere is great for long chats over coffee. Tova’s specialty drink, “The Cuban,” is the perfect sweet treat either hot or iced.

#3: J&B

Atmosphere: 4/5
Coffee: 4/5

J&B’s busy atmosphere makes it my personal favorite place to play board games with my friends. The shop is open late, so it’s a great spot to hang out in the evenings. During the summer, I love the frozen hot chocolate.

#4: Sugar Brown’s

Atmosphere: 4/5
Coffee: 3.5/5

There are two Sugar Brown’s locations in Lubbock; my personal favorite is “The Lobby” location. This is a spot downtown perfect for a Saturday afternoon study session. I highly recommend trying the Sugar Brown’s latte.

#5: Yellow House

Atmosphere: 4/5
Coffee: 3/5

Yellow House is a great early morning place. The light streams in the front windows in a way that creates a calming and welcoming environment. And Yellow House has incredible cinnamon rolls.

Hopefully, this list will provide spaces where you can try new things. Also, supporting these local businesses is one way that you can make the most out of your college experience beyond the campus and truly enjoy Lubbock.


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