Lights, camera, basketball!


The LCU University Advancement office hosted a series of watch parties in the McDonald Moody Auditorium leading up to the night of the Lady Chaps’ national basketball championship game. Administrators also extended the invitation to all members of the Lubbock community

Fans from on and off campus gathered in the auditorium, all in it together. The atmosphere of friendship and community was prevalent.

Dean of Students Josh Stephens was the MC for the event and was very pleased with the turnout.

“There were probably around four or five hundred people who came to the last one, and the numbers were growing since the first watch party,” Josh said. “The fans could not be there in person this year because of Covid, but it was such a good event and it was great to experience the community vibe.”

But Josh said the Lady Chaps are more than just champions.

“Coach Gomez and the players make it easy to want to celebrate them because they are so involved in this community,” Josh said. “Not only are they three-time national champions, but they are our friends and they are all a part of this big LCU family.”

The basketball team appreciated the event, as they were able to see the support from all of the fans who could not be in Ohio with them.

Lady Chap Brylee Winfrey, a sophomore from Canyon, Texas, was excited about the win and grateful for all of the love that was shown to her and her teammates throughout this experience.

“We just really appreciated the support from everyone,” Brylee said. “It was awesome to see that even though our fans couldn’t be in Ohio with us, they still supported us all the way from Lubbock. We love the LCU community and we wouldn’t have been able to win a championship without them!”

LCU Dining Services staff served concession stand-style refreshments during halftime to add to the spirit of game day, and the cheerleading team was there to cheer during commercial breaks. There was also a good amount of student involvement during said commercial breaks, as students were periodically selected to go on stage and lead cheers as well. At the end of the game, there were confetti cannons and everyone cheered.

Congrats to the Lady Chaps!


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