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Recently the Chap Store – LCU’s on-campus bookstore – has been getting some exciting visits from a Barnes and Noble associate. Interviews with a couple of Chap Store employees and Denise McNeill, the Chap Store manager, shed some light on the situation.

Denise confirmed that Barnes and Noble will be leasing the Chap Store from LCU for a period of time. During that time Barnes and Noble will manage the services of the Chap Store and will provide clothing, gifts, supplies, and books.

Denise said, “More details and timing will be available as we work through all the specifics that are needed to make this happen. So, make sure to read your emails to be informed!”

Same Store, New Management

Tanner Collier is a current employee at the Chap Store, and he said it will still be the same old Chap Store that we all know.

Tanner said, “Chap Store is getting a partnership opportunity from Barnes and Noble and we’re really excited! We’re still going to be the same store, we’re just going to be under new management.”

Tanner also told us that as of now, the change will most likely occur over the next homecoming week. This will be at the end of this semester, since Homecoming was rescheduled from its normal time due to the ice storm earlier this year.

What’s New?

Cade Killough, another Chap Store employee, shared the new things you can expect from the Chap Store with this partnership.

Cade said, “The Barnes and Noble partnership is going to be an exciting new opportunity for LCU and its students. There is going to be a lot of new merchandise designs, as well as a new way to get books for your classes.”

While there are still many details to be revealed, the staff and management of Chap Store feel this is exciting news for the campus. For more information on the Chap Store, visit


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