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Melanie Grellhesl is such a blessing to the LCU community. She is an excellent professor who not only does a phenomenal job of teaching her communications classes and educating her students, but genuinely cares about them with her whole heart and is a perfect example of a follower of Jesus.

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Background and Education

Mrs. Grellhesl – or Mrs. G as many students call her – grew up in the small town of Roscoe, Texas. She attended Angelo State University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications in 1993. She later attended grad school at Texas Tech and graduated in 2010 with a Master of Arts degree in Communication Studies.

Career Path: Why Teaching?

A high school teacher inspired Mrs. Grellhesl to make teaching her dream.

“I had this speech teacher when I was in high school [named]Mrs. Smith, and she was an amazing teacher,” Mrs. Grellhesl said. “I loved the way she connected with the students and was so genuine with everyone, and she had fun with what she did.”

“I wanted to be like Mrs. Smith, and now I am so happy I get to be a part of the students’ lives and help them reach their goals, just like she did,” she said.

Why LCU?

After graduating with her master’s from Texas Tech, Mrs. Grellhesl began teaching part-time at LCU. While she appreciated her time at Tech, Mrs. G recognized that LCU is a very special

place that is focused on Jesus and family, and everyone loves and supports each other. So in 2010 she started teaching classes full-time at LCU.

Since then, she said, she has felt at home. The small size of the community allows her to get to know students individually and really connect to help them succeed.

Fun Facts!

Outside of teaching, you can find Mrs. Grellhesl supporting her kids at their sports events. She and husband Derrick have two kids, Drew and Axel. They both attend Lubbock Christian School.

Another interesting fact: she can twirl fire batons!

Advice for LCU Students

Mrs. Grellhesl’s advice is to be true to yourself.

“Be yourself. As cliche as it sounds, it’s good advice,” she said. “Here at LCU, everyone has a place and everyone fits in and is loved no matter who they are. The sooner you realize that, your life will be easier.”

“I always tell my kids that when someone else achieves an award or does something awesome, praise them and congratulate them, but don’t try too hard to emulate them. Find something that you’re good at and realize that everyone has something they love and do well at.”

Her final piece of wisdom: “Individuality should be celebrated and emphasized, and that is the best way to find who you truly are.” To read more about Melanie Grellhesl, visit


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