What’s up with ChapApp?


ChapApp is a smartphone app filled with information about LCU, includinga school activities calendar, a campus map, the Caf menu and a list of discounts available to students by local merchants.. It also provided a digital student ID, which was used to check in at campus events, especially chapel.

The app has been available to LCU students since 20XX, but now due to  the complications of Covid-19, the future of ChapApp is uncertain.

Mariah Cannon who works in the Student Life Office spoke with us about ChapApp and its future.

The case of the disappearing app

One issue students reported was that ChapApp was no longer available on the Apple App Store. Mariah clarified that the issue is fixed and ChapApp is now back on the Apple App Store as well as the Google Play Store and available to all students.

Mariah said the app’s main use right now is as a source of information on school activities. The newest update to the app is that all of the students from the spring semester should now be able to access their ID on the app.

And the future?

“As of now it’s hard to plan because of the hard year we’ve had,” said Mariah. “With the past year being so complicated it has been hard to plan out a future for the app with the constantly changing calendar.”

Mariah said there is discussion about moving forward to a new app, but that comes with the issue of finding another app with the same capabilities as the current ChapApp.

You can download the ChapApp on the Appstore or on the Google Play Store. Mariah said to make sure you turn on notifications to stay updated on campus news and activities.


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