Recap: LCU Student Life During Winter Storm Uri


Snow, snow and more snow.

This was the experience here at Lubbock Christian University during last month’s Winter Storm Uri. In some people’s opinions, Feb. 13-17 was a week of pure winter wonderland, but many others would not speak the same of the harsh, frigid conditions.

Prestley Hammond, freshman communications major from Boerne, Texas, wasn’t a fan.

“I hate the cold,” Prestley said. “I have never had to deal with this type of weather before, especially not for such a long time, and it has been pretty difficult to try to adapt and get used to. It has caused many inconveniences for my friends and me.”

Such inconveniences were experienced all over the southern United States, as the winter storm also caused considerable damage to infrastructure not built to withstand such conditions for prolonged periods of time. This included the families of many LCU students, such as Carli Sanders, a sophomore who transferred to LCU from a college in her hometown of Houston, Texas.

“The pipes in my parents’ house back home were bursting, so my family had to take action to solve the problem,” Carli said. “The ceiling in [a]closet fell through, so they had to move all of their stuff out of that section of the house. My dad has been working extra hard to fix it. We’re just lucky that he knows how to do construction work.”

The LCU campus was closed Monday through Thursday that week so that students would not have to risk driving on the icy roads to get to school. Students who lived on campus reported spending the week indoors resting and catching up on school work.

Lydia Whaley, a sophomore from Montgomery, Texas, said, “Although a week-long snowstorm wasn’t the ideal situation, it was nice to be able to take a step back from my busy schedule just to rest, get caught up on school work and spend time with close friends.”

The severe weather also caused power outages. Dr. Shannon Rains, associate professor of children’s ministry, said this impacted her and her students academically.

“We couldn’t have school for the whole week,” Dr. Rains said, “so I would have liked to have class via Zoom meeting and assign the students work to do at home so we would not be behind. Then people all over the state were experiencing power outages and I decided it was best not to assign work, and so we had to make up for that when we started back up at school.”

Students were told to catch up on schoolwork they had already been assigned and get ahead for the upcoming weeks.

“Time is valuable,” Lydia said, “and the storm just reminded me that sometimes in life, it is important to take a break, de-stress and appreciate the little things.”

For pics of students experiencing the snow and ice around LCU, check out the Facebook page of LCU Student Life.


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