My Take: 5 Tips for Academic Advising


Academic advising is important: you are deciding not only what classes to take in the following semester, but also how packed your schedule will be. It can be a little stressful, so here are five tips to help make it a little easier.

#1 Get to know your advisor.

Your advisor is there to help you. They can help you better if they actually get to know you. .

Paige Schneider, a sophomore missions major from Lubbock, said, “Once you actually have an in-person conversation and get to know the advisor, it makes asking questions in the future much easier.”

#2 Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

If you are unsure about taking a class because it may be difficult, or it may not be exactly what you thought, then schedule a meeting with the professor. The professors are glad to talk with students and give more information about their classes. Also, advisors are here to help so don’t be afraid to ask them questions either. They want you to succeed.

#3 Have a plan.

It never hurts to be prepared.

Matthew Mize, a junior psychology major from Weatherford, Texas, said, “I always have an idea of what classes I want to take before I go get advised.”

The degree plans are available on the LCU website, where you can see which classes are required for your degree. Make a list and bring it to your advisor and they can help plan a schedule that fits your degree plan and still has classes you want to take.

#4 Plan for down time.

Like previously mentioned, you are planning your schedule for the next semester. It is okay to leave some time for yourself. It is very important to leave time to take a break from all the schoolwork and recharge a little bit.

#5 Get advised as soon as possible.

As soon as registration opens, get it taken care of. Before it opens, build your list of  classes to take, so you can be ready. Each class has a limited number of spots and they can fill up fast. Being prepared is  how you can ensure getting a spot in every class you need.

You can find more information on LCU’s degree plans at If you don’t know who your adviser is, contact the LCU Registrar’s Office at


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