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One of the most interesting but not so well-known organizations that is owned and operated by LCU is its local Lubbock radio station, KLCT-LP 99.1, also known as Chap Radio. This radio station studio is here on campus in the CAA (Center for Academic Achievement) building. This station allows its student broadcasters to get experience in radio broadcasting and engage in thoughtful on-the-air conversation with other students, staff and faculty.  

You Can Choose 

If you have ever tuned into Chap Radio, you know that it is not just song after song. People who have their own segment choose to discuss sports, report the news and share jokes.  

Noah Horn, a general psychology major from Stamford, Texas, said, “Chap Radio is an awesome way to share some thoughts on different subjects that you’re passionate about. Whether that be music, sports, or anything else, it gives you a voice. On top of all that, it feels really good to say that you were on the radio!”  

Some students like to discuss sports and specific athletes on their shows. Others use it to play their favorite type of music. From 2018-2020, if you were to tune in at 3 p.m. on Friday, you would have even heard the Elvis Presley Hour. This is just one example of the idea that you can choose to do almost whatever you want on air with Chap Radio. 

Radio Experience 

Not only is Chap Radio a fun organization to be a part of, it also allows students to gain hands-on experience with what it is like to work in a real radio station.  

According to Cade Killough, a junior mass media communications major from Bayfield, Colo., “Chap Radio is great because it gives every LCU student a chance to be on the radio! It is especially good for people who aspire to be on the radio someday because it gives a real look into what a professional studio looks like.”  

Chap Radio offers many outlets for creativity, including the opportunity for any LCU student to host their own show. Iyoure interested, email student station manager Sydney Backus at If you just want to tune in and see if you hear something you like, then tune into 99.1 or listen online at 


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