Wait … LCU has a Yearbook?


Did you know that LCU has a yearbook? And it’s FREE? (Well, sort of.)

The yearbook, named the El Explorador, is a fixture of LCU and is included in your tuition. Each year’s edition lets you look back into your college years and show your kids, grandkids and great-grandkids all the friends, classmates and events you experienced at LCU.

Melanie Grellhesl, a professor in the LCU Communications department, guides the students who produce the yearbook each year. She said it provides an important benefit.

“Students benefit because the yearbook is a printed historical reminder of what is happening at LCU yearly,” she said. ”Students may not look through its pages more than once or twice when they receive their yearbook, but in the future they appreciate being able to look back and be reminded of their time spent here.”

Peyton Pump, a senior early childhood education major from Round Rock, Texas, agreed.

“I think LCU having a yearbook is so cool,” Peyton said. “I’ll be able to look back on it and remember all the good friends I made. Having a yearbook will let me be able to show what college was like to my family in the future.”

Want to help with the yearbook? Nichole Warren, a junior communication major from Lubbock, said it’s worth it.

“I enjoy getting to make memories with others in my major,” she said, “and going to events to take pictures.”

Professor Grellhesl said this year’s El Explorador will be available for students to pick up near the end of the semester. Watch for announcements about the process.

For more information, contact Melanie Grellhesl at melanie.grellhesl@lcu.edu.



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