My Top 5: Where to Eat in the Hub City


It can often be difficult choosing where to eat, especially when Chick-fil-A and Raising Cane’s are the easy, go-to choice for most LCU students. So let me  save you a little time by sharing my top favorites around Lubbock.

#1: Walk-On’s

If you enjoy a sports atmosphere and a whole lot of food to choose from, this is your place. My recommendation would be the “grown up grilled cheese,” two slices of grilled cheese made with four different kinds of cheeses and bacon right in the middle, along with waffle fries.

#2: Pepe’s Pizza and Ice Cream

This is a recent find that is perfect for college students around town. It has great lunch deals, such as getting two slices of pizza (and trust me, they are huge), a medium drink, and a cup of ice cream for just $6.99. Pepe’s Pizza offers great pizza, wings, salads, cheese bread, and ice cream.

#3: Red Zone Café

Just down Slide Road from the LCU campus is Red Zone Café. It offers quality breakfast foods that will not cost you much, and college students especially love a good, cheap meal.

#4: Dion’s Pizza

This is another quality pizza place in Lubbock with multiple locations on various sides of town. Create your own pizza (or individual slices), delicious cheese toast, and salads all make Dion’s a great choice for your next meal off campus.

#5: Cracker Barrel

One of my all-time favorites, this place has such a fun atmosphere. With a little store when you first walk in, to fireplaces within the dining area, it is sure to make you feel like you are home. It features a lunch menu with many great choices, free biscuits and cornbread, and my favorite, the breakfast menu served all day. Lots of choices and combos will ensure you have a full belly after this meal. Also, be sure to check out their dessert menu before you leave — you will not regret it.

Whether you are new to Lubbock or have been here for several years, it’s nice to switch it up occasionally. If there is a restaurant on the list you have not yet tried, get out of your Cane’s and Chick-fil-A cycle and try something new.


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