Get Your Head in the Game – The LCU Gaming Club That Is


The semester is in full swing and LCU offers plenty of programs and clubs for students who want to get involved outside of the classroom. One of the newer opportunities is the Chap Gaming Club, which made its arrival a couple of semesters ago.

Andrew Darby, a junior information systems and technology major from Frisco, Texas, is the founding vice president and acting president of the Chap Gaming Club. In a recent interview he provided information on the club’s mission and future endeavors.

DUSTER: “How long have you been gaming?”

Andrew: “Technically, I’ve been gaming since I was very little, but I didn’t start getting into it until I was eight years old, and my parents got us a [Nintendo] GameCube.”

DUSTER: “What are your favorite games to play?”

Andrew: “I only just recently got into multiplayer gaming when quarantine hit, because it was a way to stay connected with my friends. I also play a lot of Zelda and PlayStation-exclusive games.”

DUSTER: “Are you more of a PlayStation or Xbox guy?”

Andrew: “My family started out with the Nintendo [console], then the game cube, then the Wii, and then we got the Xbox360. By the time I was living on my own, I bought my own console, and I was going back and forth between Xbox and PS4 and I got won over by PlayStation from their exclusives. I play on the PC too, as well as Xbox exclusive games like Halo. So, I love all of them. I’m not against any game system.”

DUSTER: “How was the Chap Gaming Club founded?’

Andrew: “Me and another guy named Brandon Hackett helped start it. It’s taken a couple semesters to get the ball rolling and [then]COVID hit.”

DUSTER: “Is this club open to anyone who likes to game, or intended to be more of a competitive atmosphere?”

Andrew: “It’s for anybody who is interested in gaming, even people who aren’t particularly good … it’s for people who are hardcore into it, and then also people who just are looking for a new avenue to make friends.”

DUSTER: “How does someone become a part of this club?”

Andrew: “Well, they just need to start going to the meetings and attending the events we have. We just had an online event where the faculty faced each other in Wii boxing.”

DUSTER: “What are some plans you envision for the future?”

Andrew: “I’d like to expand on the type of events we have. Maybe a competition, ‘Faculty vs. Students’, or Mario Kart tournaments. We’re also looking to expand to all types of games, not just video games. Just stuff that’s fun for everyone.”

The club will host a lot of events and attending one or more is the best way to get involved. The most important thing Andrew wanted to stress was that you don’t have to be good at video games to be a part of this club.

There is currently no regular meeting place, but meetings have been held in the Christa Dobbs Center for Business, Room 104 in the past. So, Poptropica and Halo lovers alike, keep an eye out for fliers and announcements about the club’s next meeting.


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