B-ballers make LCU proud with record-challenging performances


The men’s and women’s basketball teams of Lubbock Christian University are taking names and making history. With only one conference game left to play, the Lady Chaps are 14-0, and have beat the NCAA Division II record for home games. The men are 16-1 on the season, having just suffered a heartbreak loss in what was an undefeated season.

With their success this season, both moving into the Sweet 16 and will go to the conference championship in a few weeks.

Success factors for the Chaps

Coach Todd Duncan has been the head coach of the men’s team since the 2011-2012 season. At LCU, Todd Duncan is 173-105 as of right now, and continues to add wins to that tally..

Another success factor is senior Parker Hicks of Decatur, Texas. Hicks started out his career at Texas Tech and then transferred to LCU as a junior. He is the leading scorer this year with 266 points and has played 521 minutes in games this season. At Tech, Hicks was part of the team that went on to the national championship in 2019.

But beyond Hicks the LCU team is filled with incredible athletes. Some of these include starters Rowan Mackenzie from Australia, Cameron Copley of Canadian, Texas, Ty Caswell of Wichita Falls, Texas and Lloyd Daniels of New Jersey.

“It’s definitely something special and something we as a team have worked really hard to achieve,” said Mackenzie. “I think there’s definitely a sense of pride in our record, but there’s always room to improve.”

Caswell concurred.

“We all work really hard, so it definitely feels good to be where we are right now,” he said. “I really love this team and I’m just thankful to be a part of it.”

 Girls win NCAA Division 2 home-game record

On Feb.  25,  the Lady Chaps secured the record for most consecutive home wins in all of NCAA Division 2, which includes more than 300 teams. Previously, the record had been set at 87 by Nebraska-Kearney in 2001. The Lady Chaps now hold the record at 88 and are still undefeated as the season goes on.

Senior Maddie Turner from Abernathy, Texas, said the experience is what matters.

“It’s awesome to be a part of something so special,” Turner said, “and it wouldn’t be possible without the community and fans that we have supporting us. We’re not playing for a record, though.”

Stay up to date

With the regular season closing and postseason on the way, you’ll want to stay up to date with Chap and Lady Chap b-ball, as well as all the other record-challenging sports teams at LCU. Hit this link often: lcuchaps.com.


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