A Move in the Write Direction: Join the Creative Writing Club


Novels, songs, plays, poetry, short stories –  you name it, there is a club on campus dedicated to helping members get in touch with their creative sides.

The LCU Creative Writing Club hosts weekly meetings for people to get together and write. The group strives to provide a place where people can feel comfortable dedicating time to the love of writing. Anyone is welcome to join the club.

Briana Hipple is a natural resource conservation major from Lubbock and a leader of the Creative Writing Club. She explained that it helps to have time set aside specifically for writing.

“[It’s] an outlet for people to come and work on their personal writing projects. One of the benefits include being surrounded by others who share a love for creative writing, as well as being able to receive constructive criticism and improve their work. It also reserves a time in the week specifically dedicated for writing. A lot of people have trouble consistently being able to write when there’s no set time for it,” she said.

Hipple said there are several reasons to get involved with the group:

  • A service project dedicated to the Lubbock Children’s Home in February
  • Small prize drawings throughout the semester
  • A good reference on applications or self-reviews.
  • The yearly NaNo writing challenge, where someone attempts to crank out a 50,000 word novel within a month by setting daily writing goals.

“It’s incredibly fun to spin ideas or talk about concepts in club, she said.

Members of the writing club participate in multiple types of writing activities, as there are no limits to creativity. Club member Cassandra Rives, an English major from Amarillo, Texas, expanded on her experience.

“It’s a simple club, and we’re really small right now, but we’re hoping to make a comfortable space where fellow writers, or even musicians, or other students who just want to get something out of their head can come anytime we meet, and just get something out to help themselves,” said Rives.

She said a good example is her own writing.

“I have a book I’ve written called ‘Fatal Redemption,’ Rives said.“It’s a Christian/fantasy book with all your typical fantasy creatures like werewolves, vampires, dragons, elves, mermaids, and the like. But the main character is a human boy who’s Christian, and tries to share the Gospel with everyone around him.”

“There were times that I know God used me to write some very inspiring things” she continued. “Occasionally I work on editing it, and I see one of those things, and it hits my spirit, and I think ‘Did I write that?’”

Rives concluded that for her writing is a medium to “get my ideas, inspiration, feelings, frustration, and stress out.”

Feeling stressed lately? Frustrated? Maybe joining LCU’s Creative Writing Club could be just the opportunity you need. If you have further questions, email Briana Hipple at bhipple5342@lcu.edu.





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