Master Follies, ’21: Still Fun, Just Different


The LCU Master Follies show was enjoyed by thousands of people on Saturday, Feb. 20. For the first time ever, the production was live-streamed around the world as students performed on the stage of McDonald Moody Auditorium on campus.

Master Follies involves all of the student social clubs at LCU, as well as individual hosts and hostesses and dozens of students and staff on the technical side. Each club performs a 6-minute routine of a cappella songs, meaning without instruments. Between each club’s performance, the hosts and hostesses sing one of their songs, so there is a dynamic mixture between the two.

ICC President Calvin Dement and Camille Hughes, a business major from Lubbock, hosted the live-stream show from the back of McDonald Moddy Auditorium

COVID-19-related restrictions meant this year’s club shows were staged differently. Rather than moving around on stage, performers stayed in one position and wore masks at all times.

The winners of Master Follies 2021 were men’s club Alpha Chi Delta and women’s club Christliche Damen.

1st Place Men: Alpha Chi’s “Karate Enthusiasts”

The men of Alpha Chi Delta were a bunch of misfits who had to learn how to fight in order to save their precious “brojo.” Taking the first-place trophy gave Alpha Chi back-to-back wins in 2020 and 2021.

“It obviously felt great to finish with a win,” said Jon Basye, a biology major from Sweetwater, Texas, and a director for Alpha Chi’s show. “As a director, or even a performer, you’re always biased towards your own performance. It’s gratifying to hear the judges agreed.”

1st Place Women: CDs “Spy School”

 The women of Christliche Damen were in spy school but were only receiving mundane tasks. When they ended up snagging a top-secret mission, they heard the details wrong and were fired from their jobs. The ladies of CD not only pulled off the first-place trophy, but also the people’s choice and the special effects awards.

This study abroad group from last year celebrated their friendship which bridges the lines of social club competition.

“It was amazing getting named first place!” said  Lauren Camp, a pre-music therapy major from Shallowater, Texas, and a director for CD’s show. “We were incredibly nervous while waiting for the results, and I experienced pure joy when [it was]announced that CDs had won.”

‘The Show Must Go On’

The theme of this year’s show came true: Master Follies has officially happened, and it was the most that it could be despite the protocols that had to be in place. The show did go on, and it brought joy to many people around the world.


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