Master Follies 2021: The Show Must Go On … Later?


Master Follies 2021 will look unusual this year — not only for the social clubs but for audience members as well.

In years past, people from all around have come back to LCU for Master Follies and homecoming weekend. But this year, COVID-19 is making everything different. For example, during homecoming,  various activities usually take place over the course of the weekend, including alumni club activities, basketball games, and of course, Master Follies. This year, though, , Master Follies will take place on a separate weekend from homecoming, and there will be no live audience for the follies show. Instead, it will be live-streamed and available to anyone who wishes to watch.

Calvin Dement, president of the Inter Club Council – a joint committee of staff and students which coordinates club activities –  said the clubs are taking in stride the absence of a live audience.

“Our social clubs at LCU are amazing,” Dement said, “and they have adapted well to all the changes that have been thrown at them this year. I have no doubt that they will be fully prepared to make this year’s show one to remember.”

ICC President Calvin Dement released a video inviting alumni and LCU students’ families to view the live stream of this year’s Master Follies. (Click picture to view the video.)

Alyson Findley, one of Kappa Phi Kappa’s follies directors this year, echoed this sentiment. When asked, “What are some ways to remain optimistic despite these challenging times?” her response was, “Just be thankful for the things we can do. Focusing on things we can’t [do]can bring so much negativity.”

Based on this sampling of student opinions, the atmosphere of 2021 Master Follies will be quite unlike anything we have ever experienced. But it will be one that is never forgotten.



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