Friday Small Groups Make Big Impact


LCU is taking all of the right precautions to ensure students’ safety during the time of Covid-19. This includes chapel: instead of gathering every day, students attend smaller chapels once a week, and on Fridays everyone attends a small group.

Small groups are led by faculty and staff, giving students the opportunity to get to know their professors and administrators better and build a connection with a group of students.

The Professor Perspective

Heather Howell, adjunct professor and director of LCU Global Campus, said small groups are strengthening student-professor relationships.

“Small groups are helping the relationships between students and staff by adding a new level of trust,” she said. “It’s a time for students and employees to deepen their faith together. It’s also allowing students and employees to just know each other in a different environment.”

About her own group Howell said, “I’m excited to get to know these girls more throughout this semester.”

Heather Howell, LCU Global Campus Director

The Student Perspective

Freshman Courtney Johnson said the size of the groups is a real benefit.

“My favorite part of small group was how small but personable it was,” Courtney said. “Not just at small group, but the whole campus — it’s nice knowing I have a place and people to talk [with]and reach out to.”

If you have not found a small group and would like to connect more to campus life and the people in it, email Associate Dean of Students Kecia Jackson at For more information about LCU’s Covid 19-related


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