LCU to Add Esports Team to Athletics Program


Lubbock Christian University announced on Nov. 5 the addition of a coed esports team to its athletic department. LCU intends to begin club competitions in Spring 2021 and varsity competitions in Fall 2021. In the meantime, the athletics department will begin its search for a coach to lead the program. 

LCU will begin competitions in four games: League of Legends, Super Smash Bros., Valorant, and Overwatch.

Scott Larson, the director of athletics, said that LCU began considering the prospect of an esports team in early spring of 2020. He said it caught his attention due to its rising popularity among other college universities. 

When asked why LCU chose the specific games it did, Scott said, “A lot of that credit goes to Doug Darby, a faculty member in the College of Business. I deferred to him on a lot of those things and based on gaming trends and things like that. At least for now, those are the four games we are going to start with based on his recommendation.”

Darby is assistant professor of Information Systems and Technology. He coordinates the IST, management information systems and digital media applications program. Read more here.

The Athletics Department will be working with the School of Business to create an esports arena in the Christa Dobbs Center for Business. The PCs and gaming consoles will be available only for club and team members. There will be the potential to host tournaments in person and online; however, it will not be able to accommodate in-person spectators.

Scott said, “We plan on having a Twitch channel so folks can watch. They may not be able to physically watch, but folks that have interest will be able to watch through that and other technology platforms.”

Scott said the plan is to compete primarily in the D/FW Metroplex once or twice a semester for at least the first year, but after that looking at the potential to bring competition to LCU. He said it will be set up in such a way that the necessary equipment can be moved to the Baker Conference Center or the Rip Griffin Center to be more spectator friendly.

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