COVID-19 leaves athletes with tough decisions going forward


When word came out last April that the school year was put on hold, it was devastating and full of confusion. Not only for the academic world, but for the sports world, too. Many collegiate athletes were left with hard decisions to make about ending their college careers in the middle of a season, or playing for another year.

The current state of play

As for now, LCU athletes are in as much competition as can be allowed, said Athletic Director Scott Larson.

“From [LCU President] Dr. McDowell on down, we want our student-athletes to compete,” Larson said. “We know that our students want to compete … and we’ll do everything in our power to allow that to happen.”

The men’s and women’s and cross country and golf teams have both competed in regular Fall seasons. Soccer and volleyball have held a few organized scrimmages this semester, but are looking forward to their new seasons beginning in the spring. That will result in a busy spring, as volleyball, men’s and women’s soccer, and basketball, baseball, and softball all take place.

Making the most of it

Maddie DeGuire, senior volleyball athlete from Argyle, Texas, stated, “We are sad that we can’t have our season when we usually do. But most importantly, we are thankful that we even get to be together every day for practice. We try to not take time for granted and just enjoy the ride.”

Channing Cunyus, junior basketball athlete from Canyon, Texas, also stated, “Since basketball is right in the middle of the school year it has messed us up a little, but not too terribly. I think that we just have to look at the positives and be glad we get to be here; some teams don’t get to do anything.”

For more details on what is to come for these teams, check out the 2020-2021 athletics schedule and guidelines regarding COVID-19at


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