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Each fall semester LCU offers a chance for students to go to Avila, Spain. Applications for Fall 2021 are due Nov. 16, with an application fee of $250.

This semester-long program brings LCU students and professors to the beautiful city of Avila in the heart of the Spanish countryside. Students take 15 hours of university core credits with LCU professors, while also studying the Spanish language. There are numerous opportunities for personal travel on weekends and holidays, and a week-long faculty-led excursion during the semester.

Heather Hobbs, a former student who studied abroad and is now the program director, said, “I studied abroad as a sophomore at LCU. We did not have the Spain program back then so I went with ACU to Oxford, England. I became very close with my roommate and a few other girls. They are friends I still keep in touch with today.”

Heidi Gonzalez visited the coastline of Ireland during her study abroad semester.

Heidi Gonzales and Emily Gray went to Spain with LCU in the fall of 2019.

Emily. a junior biology major from Amarillo, Texas, said, “I think that everyone should study abroad if given the opportunity! You learn so much about other cultures, yourself, get very close to your classmates from LCU, and meet a lot of international students as well. Also, getting to travel to all of the places you dream about going to is pretty amazing!”

Heidi is a junior biology (pre-med) major from Denver City, Texas. She said, “Students should study abroad because you learn that there are other ways of thinking, living, and learning than just what we do here in the U.S.”

You not only get to learn more about Spain and their history, but you get to practice your Spanish … and make lifelong friends from another country! Not to mention, you can also travel almost every weekend and see things like the Eiffel tower, the leaning tower of Pisa, the Colosseum, the Alhambra, the Sagrada Familia, and so much more!”

Both students recalled special memories of their time in Spain.

The thing that I will remember the most is how relaxed the Spanish culture is,” Emily said. “There is a siesta time from 2-4 p.m. where everything closes and everyone rests. This forced downtime was strange at first, but I came to appreciate the time to just be still and to be with those around me.”

The thing I will remember the most is the last night we were in Spain before we had to leave for London,” Heidi said. “Most of our study abroad group stayed up very late and went outside and played hide and go seek, tag and other games!”

For details about applying for this program, check out the LCU Study Abroad on the website: or contact Heather Howell at


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