Blue Tape + Creativity = Amazing LCU Art


Do it now! Walk through the main hallway of LCU’s Center for Academic Achievement building, just west of the CDC/Bible building, to enter an amazing world of dragons, landscapes and abstract art, brought to life with simple blue tape on walls, floors and chairs.

Jami White, LCU alumna and adjunct professor of art, said creating art with blue tape is a great way to teach two-dimensional design.

How to teach 2D art in a new way

“The assignment was to look up a famous work of art and, through a line study, create their interpretation of the piece,” said professor White.


Each student is challenged to illustrate their own perspective of a well-known piece of art, turning a 3D art piece into a 2D piece.

“It is challenging to see a complex painting or piece of art and dissect it into lines and shapes,” said professor White. “They recreate it into their own interpretation of a monochromatic sketch.”

What do students learn?


“I wanted them to learn how different thickness and weights of lines can create depth, shadows, and highlights,” said professor White.

Each semester finds a new group of students going crazy with blue tape, creating breathtaking pieces of art along the walls of the CAA building. To learn more about LCU’s various art courses and programs, visit


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