The Reading, the Movie, and the Writing Carnival


Lubbock Christian University hosted its 11th Annual Writing Carnival on Tuesday, Sept. 15, after chapel. This year’s literature theme was C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. The reading began Sept. 14 after chapel, and the movie adaptation was presented later that evening at the Mcdonald Moody Auditorium.

The Writing Carnival was not canceled despite Covid-19 restrictions. With the exception of everyone

Dr. Jesse Long began the 24-hour reading marathon for the 2020 Writing Carnival.

wearing masks, the event gave the appearance of being a normal LCU event. The booths and tables were given a little more distance between them but otherwise seemed to retain its traditions of fun and fellowship.

Ethan Foshee, an information systems and technology major from Lubbock, said, “I think they’ve done a very grand job with setting everything up. I think they have done an amazing job of still keeping everything fun and enjoyable, and at the same time safe.”

Ethan said the one thing the Carnival lacked was everyone attending in costume.

One of the few students to arrive in costume was Jessica Touchdown, a freshman from Abilene, Texas. Jessica made her costume previously for an art competition. She said the costume was not fashioned after any specific character but was what she imagined herself wearing if she ever went to Narnia. Jessica is majoring in language and linguistics.

When asked about the Writing Carnival, Jessica said, “It’s not entirely what I was expecting, because I had a couple of sophomore friends who told me about last year’s. It seems like there was more involvement, but I also understand that Covid regulated some of the changes.”

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