Students: Life in A Mask Is Frustrating


LCU students have started the first two weeks of the fall 2020 semester trying to comply with COVID requirements. In general, students are willing to make the sacrifice to help prevent the spread of the virus, but are not liking the new normal.

What are students saying?

“I think wearing a mask is annoying, but I’m willing to do it if it helps life get back to normal sooner,” said junior Jenna Lyons, an exercise sports science major from Austin. “Learning is mostly based on experiences talking to your classmates, and the masks are really hindering that.”

Senior Maddie Deguire, a business major from Argyle, Texas, said it affects personal relationships as well.

“Masks make it hard to communicate and express emotions with one another,” she said.

But she mentioned that in the classroom there’s a little relief: “When professors are six feet away from the students, [the professors]can remove their masks, which makes the learning experience a little easier.”

Although it might feel annoying at times, LCU students see the importance of complying together to continue in-person contact for a successful year.

It will definitely be a story everyone will tell and remember for the rest of their lives.

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For more information about LCU’s COVID requirements and guidelines, go to You can also find this page under the Student Resources tab in Moodle.



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