Dealing With a Detour: Life in Quarantine


On Friday, Sept. 3, I woke up early in the morning and attended volleyball practice, looking forward to the weekend. As practice ended, I went home and that’s when it happened: I received a text message notifying me I had recently been around someone who tested positive for Covid-19.

I had to go into quarantine.

First feelings

Being in quarantine is something I have said since May I could never endure. I am extroverted and love to be busy and around people. So, letting this news sink in made me very emotional.

I had plans to see a friend who came to town for the weekend, so that wasn’t going to work out; for 14 days I was no longer going to be in practices and weights, or attend my classes. It is something you can’t really understand until you’re going through it. I was put on a detour and it was going to be tough.

What in the world did I do?

Quarantine was my worst nightmare — I hate having nothing to do and being alone. I spent many of my days pacing around my home listening to music and some days just laying on my bed in tears, just flat-out

A typical scene from Avery’s time in quarantine — feet up, snuggled in a blanket, watching TV in her apartment (and doing homework, of course).


Those were the longest 14 days of my life, and I should add that I never felt sick this entire time. I would try to sleep in as long as I could every day, I would make food and cook things I knew would take a long time. I called family as much as I could and saw friends from afar, but one day felt like a whole week.

There comes a point at which you can’t sit and look at a screen — you run out of movies, out of coloring pages, out of motivation to do anything. The light at the end of the tunnel was dim.

However, about halfway on the road to being done, things started to turn around for the better.

A blessing in the detour

The beginning of this journey was a mental battle every day to play the “quarantine game.” But then I began to realize what my priorities were.

Of course, it sucked I wasn’t in practice every day, seeing my friends like I usually would. But the past two weeks have given me the best rest of my life. I was not worried and stressed about making it to practice on time at 3 in the morning or racing around campus from class to class. I was able to reset my mind mentally and receive a huge blessing from the Lord. He opened my eyes, showing me that I was desperately in need of rest for my body and mind.

As a student-athlete, truly the only “rest” you get is the one or two days a week you don’t have practice. But nothing like two weeks! This was something that, in the beginning, I was frustrated about. However, in the end I was absolutely blessed by the rest.

A word of advice

I don’t know who all is going to read this. Maybe you’re in quarantine right now, or maybe you will unrepentantly go into quarantine in the next few days as I did, or maybe you won’t go in at all. But if you find yourself where I was in this detour, use it as rest for your mental health and for your body. Call your family. Send messages to friends letting them know how thankful you are for them. Spend time with the Father.

We all have a purpose to live out. Will you make the most of yours?

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