My Take: Coronavirus is Serious


Over the past few months, the world has witnessed the greatest pandemic of this era. It has indefinitely halted public interaction, many businesses’ production and the normality of our day-to-day lives.

Though this quarantine is being put in place for the protection of each nation’s peoples, many believe they’ve stayed under its authority long enough. 

Reactions Vary

Last Monday, more than 2,000 protestors in Pennsylvania intentionally blocked traffic around their state’s capital and the governor’s residence, waving flags which read “Freedom is essential” and “Rednecks 2 reopen PA.”

However, some essential workers are protesting the protestors. In Phoenix, Ariz., ICU nurse Lauren Leander “threw on a pair of clean scrubs and headed to an anti-lockdown protest at the state Capitol,” as reported by CNN.

We Are Becoming Restless

It is clear to see that people are becoming restless and demand to be released from the confines of their homes. It is understandable that people want to return to their normal lives. But they need to understand the gravity of the pandemic which currently threatens us every moment.

This Is A Serious Situation 

The coronavirus is a pandemic which should be taken seriously. I didn’t think of it this way until a few weeks ago when my cousin, Seth Huffhines, M.D. informed me and my family to take quarantine seriously. He said he is seeing firsthand the capabilities of COVID-19. 

Hearing straight from a family member who is dealing with coronavirus patients changed my perspective on how to treat our stay-at-home orders. 

Though we have the constitutional right to protest, I strongly advise anyone that is urged to do so or supports the reopening of our states to read about the actual dangers and capabilities of COVID-19. This pandemic is not a laughing matter and should be taken quite seriously. 

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