How has the pandemic affected LCU seniors?


The pandemic that has swept the globe has left a lot of people wondering when life will get back to normal. Seniors at LCU have been one of the groups most affected by  this shocking lockdown of society.

However, interviews with two seniors show they still cherish the moments they’ve had at LCU.

‘Take nothing for granted’

“I’ve enjoyed the last two years I’ve spent at LCU,” said senior Peyton Maddox. “It’s mind-blowing to think something like this would happen. Regardless, I’m keeping a positive attitude moving forward — it’s always important to take nothing for granted.”

Maddox’s take was uplifting and powerful. Although this pandemic has shut down the world, it is important to cherish every moment in life, because life can change in an instant.

Senior A.J. Perez echoed this sentiment.

“It’s tough to swallow the fact that we as a society have to endure this,” Perez said. “But I think it’s important to take the positives out of the situation and grow from it.”

When asked how he has maintained such a positive attitude, Perez responded with insight into an athlete’s mind.

“Being an athlete forces you to focus on the positives, even when things are going badly,” he said.

How has the pandemic affected baseball?

Maddox and Perez are both athletes at Lubbock Christian University. Maddox has played on the baseball team for two years, and Perez for four years.

When asked if the pandemic affected their season, the response from Maddox was, “Tremendously.” He commented on how the season abruptly came to a halt with very little warning.

“We were mid-game when we heard the news about our season being suspended,” he said. “At first, there were rumors going around in our dugout about the NCAA suspending all seasons. Then we got word that the rumors were true.”

As the pandemic has brought many “firsts” to society, the suspension of all NCAA seasons has never been heard of.

And graduation?

With the global pandemic, it is difficult to see how there will be a formal graduation this year. These athletes, however, aren’t stressing over it.

“I think my mom cares more than I do, honestly,” said Maddox, with a laugh. “Graduation would have been really cool, but obviously there’s not much we can do but sit back right now.”

The valuable lesson to be taken from Maddox and Perez is to maintain a positive attitude throughout this pandemic, and continue to push forward.

Editor’s note: LCU has announced that commencement ceremonies for spring 2020 graduates will take place Aug. 22. For more information:


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