Easy Ways to Volunteer During Covid-19


During a time such at this, many of us are looking for something to do, or in some cases, someone to help.

It’s no doubt that a lot of people need help right now due to this pandemic, and those of us who take this opportunity to serve have the chance to see how truly good humanity can be in a time of crisis. But perhaps you’re wondering, “what exactly can I do with all of the current restrictions?” There are usually many opportunities to serve on a regular basis, but some activities are limited during this panic.

However, Dr. Shawn Hughes says to not let that stop us.

A professor of communication at LCU, Hughes has found time to volunteer at both Lubbock Meals on Wheels and Vomo, a volunteer group through Monterey Church of Christ that specializes in meals and transportation.

Hughes said all it takes is a little training.

“You go to a training program which teaches you everything you need to know,” he said. It takes at most an hour. Both programs prepare you to be safe when delivering food and demonstrate how to keep yourself and the food clean.

When volunteering for Meals on Wheels, Dr. Hughes said you’re told exactly what to do.

“You get a specific route to run — you go [to]a drive through, pick up the food and then get a set of instructions such as ‘call or text’ when you arrive with the food,” he said.

Simple actions like Hughes’ can help us keep our sanity during this time. Something as easy as volunteering in your local community can do a lot of good for not only the people you’re helping, but also yourself. Hughes said it feels good.

“People are more in need and more thankful during this time,” he said. “Helping others in need feels good.”

If you have any time at all, consider serving. People really do need help, now more than ever. Volunteering is simple and easy and, most times, doesn’t even take a whole afternoon.

For more information on the two opportunities mentioned in this article check the links below.

Monterey Church of Christ VOMO ministry


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