The True Struggle of Online Learning


As of March 30, Lubbock Christian University went from in-classroom lectures to distance learning, along with other schools across the nation. Distance learning in basic terms means online lectures.

Students will be doing online learning the rest of the school year. This includes finals, presentations, and group projects. Most professors are doing some type of live sessions, usually doing their lectures at the same time as they would normally be in class.

Many students thought school would be much easier online, until it came time for actual online learning.

Lack of Human Interaction

Many students thrive on the human interactions they are able to have with their professors during lectures.

Junior social work major Kylie Robles from Lubbock said, “College is difficult enough, but when it becomes online it is no longer personal. The lack of human interaction and personal teaching in classrooms has made learning much harder than before.”

Doing the Best They Can

Some professors are trying everything they can to make the distance-learning experience the best for their students.

Junior psychology major Courtney Monk from Midland, Texas, said, “The LCU professors are doing everything they possibly can to still be personable and caring about our school work and health.”

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