The Grave Could Not Hold the King


I don’t think any of us left LCU on Friday the 13th thinking that would be our last day on campus. I don’t think any of us thought that Friday the 13th would be our last chapel, the last day we went to grab a coffee with a friend at Starbucks, the last time we’d go to a class and be able to see our peers and professors in person. I don’t think any of us were expecting this. 

Lament to Isolation

But just like today, all things seem a little dimmer. Today, just like the past few weeks, is a sobering moment in time. This weekend was a special time where we could sit in silence and reflect on the humbling acts of what Jesus went through. 

Yesterday, we celebrated Easter Sunday in a unified isolation. Just like our savior did. He was alone in the tomb, until he broke out of that isolation. Our savior laid down his life for us many years ago. He humbly came to this earth and lived the perfect life that none of us could manage to do. He then died the death we deserved and bore our sins on that rugged cross. And then he was laid in the tomb.

The pandemic that has plagued our world has left most of us feeling hopeless. Times are hard. People have lost jobs, lost loved ones. There are people fighting loneliness and depression. There is fear and anxiety. In a time like this, it can be hard to see any light at the end of the of the tunnel. It can be hard to believe that there is still hope. 

There is Hope!

But news flash! There is hope! There is hope for today and there is hope for tomorrow. In fact, there is hope for all days to come, because the story of Jesus doesn’t end on the cross and it doesn’t end in the tomb.

Jesus rose again; the grave could not hold the King! And just like there is hope for our souls there is hope for our lives right now on this earth. COVID-19 has put a little damper on life, but Jesus is still on his throne and he still reigns over all. He is more powerful than any virus, disease, or natural disasters. 

Jesus is Greater Than COVID-19

Jesus is greater than famine, homelessness, and death. In fact, there is not a single square inch in this world that God does not have control over or is not more powerful than. 

In this time of lament, we can still go on with life and be full of hope knowing that Jesus is good. He cares for us and he loves us. Jesus is victor and he already won. Death has no hold on him, sin has lost its sting, and even in the midst of suffering through this pandemic, we can put our full hope in Jesus, trusting that he is good and will carry us through. 

There may be pain at night, but joy comes in the morning, friends. Rest in this truth today, that in Christ Jesus, we have great hope.


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