Staying Active During Quarantine


Life In Quarantine

Life during quarantine can seem very boring you may find yourself doing the same thing over and over. You may be stuck in a constant loop of eating junk food all day and binge watching all the same shows you seen before. 

It can be hard to find motivation in the simple joys of things. But I have realized that while in isolation it does not mean we have to be bored. This can be a time to try new things so you don’t spend all day in front of the T.V. all day with a bag of chips.

There Is A Lot To Do!

While staying at home might not be what you had in mind for the rest of the semester this does not mean you have to be bored. Feel free to search more activities to do and if you are missing LCU like I am join the new program called LCU with U. This helps students navigate the transition from on-campus to a virtual student experience. This way we can stay involved, connected and continue to enjoy the joys of what LCU has to offer!

To visit more of what LCU has to offer and learn more about LCU with U visit

Start Spring Cleaning Early!

Some of use reserve cleaning for weekends if you have nothing to do, but if you are stuck at home you likely have some extra time on your hands. Start putting away your fall clothes and bring out your summer clothes began to redecorate your room. Try organizing your desk with all the papers form the school year keep what you need and get rid of what you don’t.

Read Something New!

If you are like me and have more than enough books on your shelves that are collecting dust. To keep busy for a while try reading some of your books that you haven’t yet cracked open. If you have read everything on your shelves you can always stop by Lubbock’s public library like Godeke Branch Library. You can call in what you are looking for and they can do a curbside pick-up.  

Take Up An Exercising Regime

Relaxing on the couch can be fun but you may get restless after a while. There are dozens of virtual fitness programs to choose from that you can do at home, it is ultimately about finding the one you like and that you will likely stick with. 

The Rec is sadly closed here at LCU but that doesn’t mean you cannot still enjoy the fitness classes that they provide for us online. If you go to LCU Rec life on Facebook you can stream classes like Zumba with Shannon Sudduth and Power Yoga with Tami Hodnett to keep your active lifestyle up!


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