Senior First and Last: Singing in a Virtual Choir


(THE JOHNSON HOME IN FORT WORTH, TEXAS) Being a senior in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic has made for interesting class-time substitutions. One of these is how the LCU Praise Choir used a virtual choir project to sing hope with and to our classmates.

Feeling the sadness

Because of my class load next semester, this spring is my last time to be part of the LCU choir as well as to be on campus. Being in choir has provided a sense of community with my peers and blossomed special friendships. This includes connections with many underclassmen whom I may not see again because of our remote-learning circumstances.

Not being able to physically be around some of my friends has deeply saddened me. I miss some of their voices every day, especially in choir. It’s a magical experience when multiple voices of different people, backgrounds and octaves all praise the same God at the same time.

The virtual choir idea made me a little anxious at first. It definitely took a few tries to get used to only hearing my part in a multiple-part song, but the combined result was so beautiful. It made my heart so happy to see all of my peers and friends in their homes doing the same as me.

The song choice was absolutely perfect because it is — as Dr. Camp described it — a song of hope, a song that reminds us of singing “Hallelujah!” in our heavenly home surrounded by friends and family. What a needed reminder during this pandemic.

Listing the positives

Of course, I am deeply saddened that my choir year was cut short and to be in quarantine for the rest of the spring semester. I choose, however, to make lists of all the positive things that have come out of this pandemic:

  1. How blessed I am to have friends I miss seeing, and friends that miss seeing me!
  2. FaceTime is truly an awesome invention, especially for my elderly not-so-tech-savvy Meemaw. (I love you!)
  3. Going to church in pajamas is THE BEST. (And since it’s in your living room, you’re never late, and there are no awkward side hugs or “hug your neighbor time.”)
  4. Essential workers deserve all the TP in the world. (Thank you, medical personnel, truck drivers, railroaders, food industry workers and grocery store workers!)
  5. Doc Williams is just as precious online as he is in person.
  6. 1000-piece puzzles are HARD — but worth the time spent with family trying to fit pieces where they don’t go.
  7. Old T-shirts and hair ties make great no-sew masks.
  8. My car has gotten one month to the gallon so far!
  9. Dogs are awesome nonjudgmental listeners when you’re practicing your German.
  10. Praising God is still praising God. In the shower, through video church, and even through a virtual choir.
On April 9 the LCU Praise (Virtual) Choir released its performance of Hallelujah, No. 3 from “Heavenly Home: Three American Songs.” More than 50 students participated, including eight graduating seniors who are highlighted in the video. Click the image to play the video on YouTube (3:37)

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  1. Thank you for sharing. This is one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen in a good while. You were right; the song selection was absolutely perfect. As a former member of the LCU choirs, I know the longing for community that is created when your usual interactions are taken away. Music has its own special way of bonding us together. All of you did a fantastic job. Keep up the hard work and positivity!

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