Professor of the Week: Dr. Byron Rogers


When most people get up in the morning, they go to work. Dr. Byron Rogers, however, gets up every day, comes to LCU and “has fun.” After 34 years, Rogers still loves what he does and never thinks of it as a “job.”

The Road to Teaching

Rogers got his undergraduate in chemistry at LCU in 1981, then got his Ph.D. in physical chemistry at Texas A&M in August 1986 and started teaching at LCU that September. In 2014, he went back to school at Texas Tech and got his master’s in music.

Why LCU?

Rogers has always felt that since he got such a good education from LCU, he “owed the school something”. 

“I love this place; I would never leave,” he said.

Rogers’ wife Karen, and his brother Keith also work at LCU.

Chemistry or Music?

When asked to choose between his two subjects, Rogers had to say: “I’m going to answer that by not answering that… it’s like asking ‘do you want a bacon cheeseburger or a pepperoni pizza?’” Rogers says that it all depends on the day.

Rogers says the best way of saying it is, “For years I’ve talked about myself as a chemist who did music, but now I talk about myself as a musician who teaches chemistry.”

Advice for Anybody

Rogers really wants everyone to find something that they love to do, just like he did.

“Be flexible and don’t be afraid to change… do what you think you like, and if you really do like it then keep doing it. Find someone to pay you to do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life,” he said.

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