My Take: We’re In Good Hands With New President


Last Thursday during chapel, we all found out who the next president of Lubbock Christian University will be. After several speakers, we were introduced to Dr. Scott McDowell, a former senior leader at ACU and Lipscomb University, father of current student Cade McDowell, and our next president. 

The Importance of Love

During chapel Thursday, Dr. McDowell gave an awe-inspiring speech about his heart for LCU and the importance of love in his life. He mentioned specific people in his life who have impacted him and showed God’s love for him and the people around him. 

Lunch With The President

After chapel I joined a small group of LCU students at a luncheon with Dr. McDowell, his family and LCU Vice President for Student Affairs Randal Dement. At this lunch we were able to talk to our future president and his family about all things LCU.

Dr. McDowell was very engaged throughout lunch and wanted to get to know each of us personally. We went around the table and shared a little bit about ourselves and how we came to LCU. He responded with interest to each of us.

We shared our comments and concerns about LCU and what is happening around campus, both positive and negative. All of us mentioned our favorite things about LCU, such as the loving community, the amazing opportunities and how the school has shaped our lives.

Are You in Good Hands?

From just these first conversations, I believe our new president is one of the most genuine, kind and caring persons I know. 

In the conversations that ensued, Dr. Scott McDowell expressed a special interest in the alumni connections that we have at LCU, specifically after one of my peers expressed a concern about getting internships in certain majors. Our future president said that he wants us to build our relationships with the alumni of LCU not only for the wisdom that they can give us but also opportunities that can be made through them. Internships can be found, jobs located and life changes made through the connections with the lovely alumni of LCU. 

I feel that LCU is in good hands. I am sure that Dr. McDowell will lead LCU in a great direction. I am excited to see the new traditions that will come along with this new presidency. 

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