LCU’s Got Talent: Stella Really Is A Star


On Monday LCU held the 4th annual LCU’s Got Talent and sophomore Stella Oliver shined among the stars. This year’s LCU’s Got Talent was full of talented competitors. The lineup included Liz Griego, Camille Hughes, Ethan Curtis, Jasper Reese, Landon Gomez, and Stella Oliver. 

Tons of Musical Talent Displayed

All the acts this year were music-based. Most of the contestants played the guitar as well as sang. Jasper Reese went against the grain and played the piano. 

How Did It Feel To Win?

Although all the contestants were wonderful,  sophomore pre-med major  Stella Oliver from Panhandle, Texas, came out of the contest victorious. Commenting on the win, she said, “It feels so incredible! I was amazed at all of the people who played tonight, and I am so honored to have been chosen.” 

Second Place Goes To… 

Ethan Curtis is a sophomore business major from Vernon, Texas. Ethan was the defending champ this year and made it to the final round but came up short. 

“It’s not the same feeling as last year,” Ethan said, “but I had a lot of fun and hopefully I will see y’all in 2021.”

LCU’s Got Talent is an annual event put on by LCU’s Student Senate. For information on past competitions visit .


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