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The coronavirus is affecting lives across the country, as well as here in the small city of Lubbock and, even more specifically, LCU. Each year around this time, students start leaving on spring break trips, for international missions, medical and education. But not this year.

Spring Break Trips Affected

On March 6, LCU students, faculty and staff received an email announcing that all international spring break trips had been canceled. According to the email, the decision to cancel LCU-sponsored spring break trips was guided by information from the Center of Disease Control and Prevention. 

After many weeks of lesson planning and preparing for the medical and mission fields, many students were left with feelings of disappointment. Lindsey Blackwood, a sophomore exercise sports science major with a pre-nursing emphasis from Lubbock said, “I’m sad to be missing out on this opportunity. I would have gotten a lot of experience in my future profession. I was a little surprised and really bummed, but understand the precautions that are being put into place.”

Although many students are disappointed by the cancellation of the spring break trips, most have been respectful and understanding of the decision as in the best interest of students, staff and faculty as a whole. 

Kayle Lindsey, a senior early education major from Lubbock, said, “I am very disappointed and heartbroken about the cancellation of the trip. However, I understand and respect the concerns of the university and that they only want what is best for all of their students.”

 Although COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, apparently affects mainly the elderly and those with weaker immune systems, students agree it would be a tragedy if someone were to catch the virus while on an LCU-sponsored trip.

Positive Outlook

Despite the disappointments from students who were eager to put their hard work into action, there remains hope for future trips, such as the semester study abroad in Avila, Spain. Also, the hard work students put into preparation for trips will still contribute to the bright futures that result from LCU. 

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