Love is in the Air


Happy Valentine’s Day! Today is the day of love and yet one of the most hated days of the year for many. Valentine’s day is fun for those who are in relationships, yet for others, this can be a day that only magnifies the singleness and brings bitter feelings to surface.

In Love

To the couples who are in love and satisfied in their relationships, enjoy the day and take time to tell your partner how much you appreciate and love them! Today is an extra special day to let significant others, and even friends and family know how much they are loved.


Although Valentine’s Day is full of mush and gush, there is a real sense of loneliness for many. Valentine’s Day is just another day to bring up sharp pains of reminders of yet another year of being single. Being single can be hard. Especially when you find yourself surrounded by a community that glorifies relationships.

The Gift of Singleness

What people do not hear enough is that time of singleness is a gift. Sometimes singleness doesn’t feel like a gift, but rather a burden or a curse. However, singleness is only a season for most people. It’s a season that will eventually end and be replaced by a relationship with another person.

Caleb Dansby, a senior DMA major from Lubbock, Texas says, “For us to be able to fully see God’s gift of relationships, we have to be comfortable in our singleness. So when the time is right for a relationship we can glorify God through it all.”

This season of life is the perfect time to take advantage of understanding what love truly is, from the one whose love is perfect and never ending.

God is Love

Sam Hernandez, a senior nursing student from Abilene, Texas says, “God’s love is forever unmoved unchanged, undefeated, and never undone. That is a love that conquers all and will never leave you!”

God’s love is the ultimate form of love. His love is what we need and is all satisfying. When we find love in the Lord and understand what perfect love looks like, being single will look less like a curse and more like a gift. It’s a time to truly devote your whole self to the Lord without any distractions of another person.

This Valentine’s Day, whether in a relationship or single, enjoy the season you’re in and bask in the perfect and unconditional love of the Lord. To find Bible verses that reflect on the love of God, go to this link


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