Living the Life of a Student Athlete


What’s it Like?

When asked, “What is the student athlete life like?” Senior second baseman, Peyton Maddox from Lubbock Texas responded, “Well honestly, it is pretty hard, but it’s something that I enjoy. It’s very time consuming, but it teaches you a lot of time management skills.” 

According to Maddox

The life of a student athlete requires discipline and hard work in school as well as sports in order to excel in both areas. Maddox later stressed the importance of planning out the day before it arrives in order to manage wisely. Although the flashing lights and roaring crowd on gameday is a feeling such as no other, the life of a student athlete has more difficulties than meets the eye. 

Maddox says one of the toughest challenges is, “Handling adversity, and keep doing what you’re doing while making good grades and focusing on exceling in a sport.” 

Throughout the interview, it was clear to see the importance of hard work and determination that goes into being a student athlete at the collegiate level. If an athlete does not work hard, there is a big chance they will get passed up.

Day to Day Life

When asked what a typical day looks like, Maddox gave an example of what the off season grind looks like. 

“Offseason we have 9:00am weights, a couple classes at 10:40 and 12:15. Get out at 1:30 and head to practice for 2:30-4:45.” Maddox continued, “Finally, whatever homework you have that night. So basically, school and baseball consume your entire day.” 

Behind the Scenes

As it is clear to see, there is far more that goes into the life of a student athlete than meets the eye. Athletes go through countless hours of early morning training, late night studying and putting in work on the field, on the court and in the gym; all of this in order to be able to perform to the best of their ability when game-time arrives. 

Misconceptions About Athletes 

A lot goes on behind the scenes of the student athlete “grind” that many people might not know about. To get another viewpoint as to what athletes have to go through day-to-day, Eddy Vasquez was asked a couple questions. Vasquez is an Alumni second baseman for the LCU Chaparrals from New Mexico. 

“A common misconception would be that student athletes get away with everything in class which in reality they don’t.” said Vasquez. 

After being asked if athletes still have to work hard in school, Vasquez said, “One hundred percent. You have to make the grades to play.” 

Vasquez shared valuable insight that shows the amount of work student athletes continuously put in for the love of the game. Maddox concluded his interview by expressing his love for baseball. 

For the Love of Athletics

Although athletes go through these challenges, the amount of love they have for their sport outweighs them all. The relationships that are built throughout the years at college last a lifetime. Teams become family considering that athletes’ workday in and day out on their craft together in order to better themselves and the team. It is important for athletes to give everything they have to better the team in the small tasks as well as the bigger ones. 

Maddox said, “I love the game of baseball. I’ve played it my whole life, and it’s not something that I’ve ever wanted to give up.” 

“It really is a job. You have to have a look in the mirror moment and figure out if that’s really what you want to do or not.” said Maddox.

The love, and passion for sports holds a special place in every athlete’s heart and is something that will last with them forever.

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